Despite the fact that young people today have life easier and better than ever before, there is a growing incidence of youth depression, anxiety &...View Details

Why is it, when we reach menopause, all of a sudden the food we’ve eaten for the previous forty-odd years makes us feel bloated? Nutritionist Liz Ward...View Details

One of the worst things about midlife is lying in bed at night overwhelmed by that feeling of guilt and shame. Find out how to go to sleep feeling lik...View Details

Danielle Hawkins is a country vet, who also runs a cattle & sheep farm with her husband, all while bringing up two kids and finding the time to wr...View Details

We're often left wondering why people don't just leave what's clearly a toxic relationship. After 20 years of working in that field, Dr Erica Bowen sh...View Details

With the increase in domestic violence thanks to the lockdown, I thought I'd ask an expert about how women (and some men) got into abusive relationshi...View Details

Brain injuries are hidden. You can see a broken arm or a bruise, but the damage that can be caused when you hit your head is life changing. Find out m...View Details

In part 2 of this super rare interview, Dr Wendy Sweet opens up about how midlife women are the FORGOTTEN GENERATION. Dr Sweet has dedicated her life ...View Details

According to Dr Wendy Sweet, midlife women are the FORGOTTEN GENERATION. She's dedicated her life to figuring out what goes on during menopause, why w...View Details

There seems to be a trend towards being a friend to your kids. Find out why that's a really bad idea. Connect with us here:

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